Autoharp Lyrics by Hooverphonic

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Cover of the album The Magnificent Tree

Artist: Hooverphonic
Album: The Magnificent Tree
Manufacturer: Epic
Original Release: 2000-09-26

You are my autoharp
I push every button on your body
I push the a minor, the e flat, the f major
And especially the c sharp 7
You are my autoharp
I play every string in your mind
And even when I play them very loud
They keep in tune
But how will they sound soon
You are my autoharp
I bought you in a pawnshop in virginia
You were cheap but in good condition
Longing for someone to take you on an exotic trip
You are my autoharp
I carried you all over the world
In my hard case called the heart
You’re the reason for my blood to keep running
Through my veins every album again

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