Backwoods Nation Lyrics by David Bazan

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Cover of the album Fewer Moving Parts

Artist: David Bazan
Album: Fewer Moving Parts
Manufacturer: Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood
Original Release: 2006-06-13

We’re calling all rednecks
to putdown their sluggers
and turn their attention from
beating the buggers

to pick up machine guns
and kill camel fuckers
backwoods nation

we’re calling the doctors
of spin and the smoke screen
to whip the new patriots
into a frenzy

of good verses evil ignoring their history
of the backwoods nation

and aint it a shame
that due process stands in the way
of swift justice

calling all frat boys
to trade in their hazing
their cameras and cocaine
and casual date raping…

for capital appointments
and rose garden tapings
backwoods, backwoods
backwoooooooods nation

(Thanks to patrick for these lyrics)

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