Banned From Heaven Lyrics by Children Of Bodom

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Cover of the album Blooddrunk

Artist: Children Of Bodom
Album: Blooddrunk
Manufacturer: Fontana Universal
Original Release: 2008-01-01

It’s a color that I can not show
When I could easier pose
But you probably knew that I was lost

Did you think that I would right now
Show you things I have lost?
Swim if you’re diving for a human being

I blame myself for every second
That I was gripped by some foe
Standing for the only one, for you
To kill me by your left toe

What even can I say, get me out
I was the one who sold
My body and soul to the devil
No one that I know when I say
“I am the one” would lie
Since when we spoke I stream with fire

Wake up in a pool of blood
Locked up, when you get

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