Been Lonely Pt.2 Lyrics by Dre Stackz

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Artist: Dre Stackz
Album: C.I.A. (Cash In Advance)


[1st Verse]
First thang first gotta let you know
Got the spirit of a hustler pouring out of my soul
Mami like a speed bump you slowed my stroll
And yea I be dat thug type chain hang low
N tell ya moms don’t trip you gon’ be alright
U ain’t with a lil’ boy you wit a man tonight
Some like a fairytale I’m a be ya knight
Been looking fa an angel my whole damn life
N yea I got a nice life all I need is a wife
And right bout now you looking like da type
White dress black tux don’t dat nice
Me and you honeymoon we don’t need the lights
Ain’t Cassidy but it don’t get no better
I’ll be prince charming you my Cinderella
Stay looking fa da gold so I had ta make you mine
So forever and awhile I’m a be by your side


[2nd Verse]
Told you I was down, so fa you I’m a ride
Get nothin’ but the truth when you look in my eyes
N if a nigga ever make tear come out eyes
Fuck talking to em’ I’ll send em’ to god
Yea I’m lovin’ you like hell but still keeping it hood
Certified street nigga baby tell u what’s good
You da missin’ piece ta my puzzle perfectly fittin’
Can’t explain this feelins’ I’m gettin’
Is somethin’ about ya got da young dude trippin’
Its more din dem’ goodies, even tho they temptin’
Nice legs and dat ass be switchin
Certified chef can I get in ya kitchen
Baby jus listen in you I can see a difference
I’m ya man you my girl tell da word dis shit
Not RayJ but you my one wish and,
Can’t stop won’t stop till you my Mrs. and,
Given you da truth, game I ain’t spittin’
Treat you like a queen ain’t actin’ like a bastard
Do I love you, you ain’t even gotta ask it
Compared to you I can never find a better one
You got a nigga doin’ shit I ain’t never done
So I’m a be yo everything and more
Give you them feelin’ you can’t ignore
Got me feelin’ like I hit the jackpot
love equivalent to a crack rock
Give you love ta knock ya socks off
Never put you down just lift you up like a wonder bra
We on da right path I’m ready ta walk
Let me see ya fingure I’m a let da diamond tawk

[Hook To Fade Out]

(Thanks to Mario for these lyrics)

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