Fall Out Lyrics by Kill Your Idols

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Cover of the album  Funeral For A Feeling

Artist: Kill Your Idols
Album: Funeral For A Feeling
Manufacturer: Side One Dummy

You’ll fall off we all know your story
This isn’t a release, but your hunt for glory
You want to be heard, but have nothing to say
So what is your problem anyway?
I remember those who helped, can you say the same?
or are you just looking for someone else to blame?
By screaming out silence, playing your games
and hiding behind your fake screen names
Chat room and message boards
Is where you get your kicks
Putting down others to you it’s like a fix
I ask you please, say it to my face
If you feel that you must try
to put me in my place
You’ll probably fall out soon anyway
A temporary phase, king for a day
We won’t miss you when you’ve gone away
We really never cared what you had to say

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