For Now And Forever Lyrics by Dj Bobo

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Cover of the album World In Motion

Artist: Dj Bobo
Album: World In Motion
Manufacturer: Import

For now and forever
Open your heart
I wanna be by your side
I swear that I love you
I swear it tonight

You make me feel alive, I need you by my side
Every day and night
Without a doubt
A touch of you means more then a thousand words
It never hurts

Cant help feeling this way
Day by day
Youre magic to me

Theres no need to deny
I really know why
Youre mine endlessly

I know that no one else could ever take your place
your smiling face
Dont you feel
For all my life you will be the only one for me

Tell me you will be mine
It is more than a sign
I wanna be by your side

Since our love has begun
We are two hearts as one
We have nothing to hide

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