Get Ready Lyrics by Bon Jovi

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Cover of the album Bon Jovi

Artist: Bon Jovi
Album: Bon Jovi
Manufacturer: Island
Original Release: 2010-01-01

You need someone to make it last
No Romeos who’ll love and leave you fast
They fade away
Tonight you’re not gonna be alone
Making love on the telephone
Baby, baby if you can hold on
I’m gonna take you all the way tonight
I like ’em down and dirty, so hold on tight

Come on get ready
Come on get ready

You’re looking sharp in your dancing shoes
You got the style and you got the moves
Oh you’re so hot, girl and on the loose
You’re caught up in a danger zone
Just seventeen but you act full grown
The night life, baby, is turning you on
You want to take me all the way tonight
Take my hand, you can feel the heat
Make you feel all right


Come on
Come on

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