Here It Ends Lyrics by Lame Ducks

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Artist: Lame Ducks
Album: …Are You Lame Or Something?

Now and then,
I almost hit the bottom.
I try to crawl, scream,
but it doesn’t matter.
How can I even get through this day?

You always say that you know what is best for me.
You always say that I’m throwing my life away.
Who are you to tell me this? Go fuck your self!

I don’t really want this conversation.
Hell yeah, I’ll rather be a failure.
I really don’t care what you say.

I have a job, I have a girl.
I really try to act like a normal guy.
But it’s hard when you talk shit to me.

You say I’m weak, You say I’m dumb.
You say I fuck up every single one I know.
How can you call yourself my friend?

I always thought that I could make a difference.
That one day I would be special.
But you laugh. You keep running over me.

But here it ends, it’s here it stops.
I’ll maybe bleed, but I’ll get on my feet again.
Go away, and I’ll show you who the fuck I am

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