High Above You Lyrics by Cashless

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Cover of the album Living Between The Lines

Artist: Cashless
Album: Living Between The Lines
Manufacturer: Phantom Sound & Vision
Original Release: 2008-01-01

I know you’re telling lies about me
But a lie never lives to get old
They soon die alone and cold
They all die alone
And every time I turn my back on you
You tell stories that ain’t true
You spread your dirt
Just to be heard,
but you’ll never bring me down

You can’t bring me down
No matter how hard you try
I’ll always keep my head held high
High above you, no matter what you say or do
(I’ll always keep it high above you)

And all those words don’t affect me
No, i don’t give a shit
I keep on doing what I love
I keep on going my own way
every time…

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