Junior Lyrics by Buck-O-Nine

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Cover of the album Barfly

Artist: Buck-O-Nine
Album: Barfly
Manufacturer: Taang Records

junior’s got the groove
he don’t need to go to school
his musical insperation
comes from his soul
and all the other kids envy
his ability to play
if you can catch him live
then this will make your day
this boy has got ambitions
that are so unreal
his music is so unique
it would be hard to steal
he’s got a vivd future
and a shiny path ahead
he plays with force and power
and it doesn’t seem to go to his head
he’s got the look
he’s got the hair
he’s got everting that sells
he stays in line and plays on time
he musically excels
there ain’t nothing for sure
in this like we endure
but for junior that might not be true
cause when it comes to music
there ain’t nothing he can’t do

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