Manifesto Lyrics by Full Scale

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Cover of the album Full Scale

Artist: Full Scale
Album: Full Scale
Manufacturer: Sony

Test this
It’s P.H neutral
Change this?
We decide our future
You can’t take
What was never yours
This manifesto opens minds
On every shore

Let go
Here’s the thoughts that’ll change your mind
Let go
Get the feeling that you’re running out of time?
Let go
Rub it fast and it feels sublime
Because nothing’s gained while you’re standing in line

This could be
The mindset
That changes
The world
This could be
That changes
The world

This won’t be getting old
These thoughts can’t be controlled
This can’t be bought or sold
This floor will be moving

Prez says “Eat your veggies”
A death bed
To rest your head in
As young men murder children
In the name of the father
And the son
And oil

This floor will move

This is the first day of the rest of your life

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