Manipulate The Eclipse Lyrics by Hopesfall

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Cover of the album A Types

Artist: Hopesfall
Album: A Types
Manufacturer: Trustkill Records

so casually defiant and barely
recognizable oh the beauty undeniable
red moon rises on the eve to the
eclipsing of our opposing sun
we’ll be the opposite of everything
victor keep your head up, we don’t
want to to see ourselves with tragedy
comes shifting of perspectives.

a boy breaks down before him he’s
dazed and hypnotized by it “how did i
become a victim too?”

replace my heart i’m no longer cold to
a fallen beast inside of me.

what are the measures of our
existence the politics of politeness
that stake the claims that we make. a
new day to float on the expectations of
lovers and the heroes we want to
become …the ones.

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