Messengers Lyrics by Lagwagon

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Cover of the album Let's Talk About Feelings

Artist: Lagwagon
Album: Let’s Talk About Feelings
Manufacturer: Fat Wreck Chords
Original Release: 1998-11-24

Late, I can stay up late
In and out of bed
CLeaning up the mess
Trying to be honest
’cause I know I am on it
In this the last time I speak of it
the loyalties that have been broken
Mine isn’t dead
One thing is true
Nothing is sacred
When everyone’s talking
and nobody’s listening
When we confide in all those friends
they’re just messengers
One thing is true
You throw the matters into blue skies
turning to grey,
falling out everyday
One thing that’s free
I confide in you with the truth
Late, I can stay up late
In and out of bed
Cleaning up the mess inside
my head.

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