Monks Of War Lyrics by Grave Digger

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Cover of the album Knights Of The Cross

Artist: Grave Digger
Album: Knights Of The Cross
Manufacturer: Gun Records Europe
Original Release: 2006-01-01

[2] Knights of the Cross
Winners of the battle
The Christians rule the Holy land
In the East they settle Hugo de Payens
A frenchman and duke
Promises the King of Jerusalem
To escort the piligrim route

We are the monks
Protectors of God
A legend is born
Worship the Lord

Monks of war
Killers in the East
Monks of war
Killers or priests

[2] The Order explands
Thousands prepare
To wearing the cross in red
To holy Warfare

[3] The poor and the rich
Kings and queens
Giving money giving gold
Hugo de Payens means
Pope and priests
Patronize the Order
And they regard them
As heroes of this time

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