Praise Suicide Lyrics by Blodsrit

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Artist: Blodsrit
Album: Helveteshymner
Manufacturer: PID

Born into a world of human misery
In vain you search for a meaning
Pointless, life is a curse

All colors fade to grey
As life slips away
You lick the blade
The steel that has opened your veins

In pain you reach for the skies

Thy stone reveals thy true being

“The tomb lies cold and death is cruel
But for the one who is born in plague
And for which only pain is given
Death is dearer than life…”

Death is dearer than life…

You hail the darkness
The darkness welcomes thee
The choice is yours
Human… take your life!

In death, no pain
Beyond the grave, laid to rest
The beyond, the eternal
Self chosen ending of life

Praise suicide

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