Revenge Lyrics by Altharya

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Artist: Altharya
Album: The Oasis Fib, A Cosmic Sail – EP

Ah . . .

Searching for the one who-
Send her to death
The one who was her true love
And forever will be replaced
By other poor young boys
No one know her true face
Shell seduce your heart
And conjure your life
Shell escape without any trace

Long black gown
Light blue eyes
Everywhere she goes
You cant miss her lies
Spreading tales about
Ancient beasts and elves
From the darkness she came
From a shadowing grave

The sound of rain is so sweet
When your bloods dripping too
Who was the one who reaped me?
No one knows the truth
Why did you left me in the cold?
You are the man without a soul
I died with love and brought with hate
Because no one heard my call

The lady with the dark wings
Its her and shes near
If youre the one shes after
I beg you – run from here!
Nothing left beside her tears
Even the ash of her heart forever disappeared

I cant forget the promise you made me
And also break once
Burring me in cold night ash
I screamed – dont leave me behind
No one will forget me and my existence
And you wont forget me too

Dear love what have I done
To deserve such horrible end
Youre relived since Im gone
And continue to pretend
That we never shared love
And with this pain Ill avenge gods sons

I won’t break my promise
I will break you

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