Right On Time Lyrics by Grand Incredible

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Artist: Grand Incredible
Album: G.I.Gantic

Whats her name? Whats she like?
Is she feeling like I do tonight?
Is she hurt but believing that everything
Is gonna be alright
Wheres she from? Does she sing?
Is she worried about anything?
Does she like awake blinking and sighin and thinkin and
Wonderin when well be finally meetin?
Well dont worry

I am on my way, Ill be right on time

Lord Ill wait patiently for the woman
That you have for me
I just need to keep workin to become
The person I need to be
Be the man she deserves yeah
I wanna be ready for her
A prayerful and thoughtful and hopeful romantic
With ears that can hear her a heart thats G.I.gantic
So tell her that


Yeah and she better be, she better be ready for me
Cuz Ive been savin up all of my love to give her only
For my girl yeah my bride
My tired heart will open wide
Ill give her my hand and well both lead each other
And Ill walk her home to the house of our Father
So wait for me

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