Science Lyrics by Camera Can’t Lie

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Cover of the album Camera Can't Lie EP

Artist: Camera Can’t Lie
Album: Camera Can’t Lie EP

Now and then, I can’t muster up a sense of
Accomplishment or confidence
It feels like I’ve been working for nothing
And more or less, all it does is bottle up
Regret and temperament
For those I love and those I’m surrounding

I have to remind myself
That this world cannot fix itself

Learn to fight
Learn to hope
Hold on for everything you have
Bring back life
Bring back love
Hold onto everyone you can

Have you ever run right to your pedestal
Thinking it would make you full
And it turns out you’ve been conforming for nothing
And you wake up one day sitting at your desk
Wondering who could have made a mess
This heartless, this selfish, it’s far too frightening

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