Sever The Ties Lyrics by Enforsaken

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Cover of the album Sinner's Intuition

Artist: Enforsaken
Album: Sinner’s Intuition
Manufacturer: Crash Music
Original Release: 2006-01-01

In thy name
The cursed and the damned
Heartless in compassion
Lifeless in submission
Let it die one more time
Irony in shallow cries
Contortion of emotions
Piling the bodies high
Blazing reign of terror searing through the void
Memories of yesteryear are now destroyed
Sever the ties
Walk away or surrender to the lies
Sever the ties
Just walk away or surrender to their lies
Seeing is believing
Only the ashes remain
Sky of ash
Waves of graves
Waiting for the day
Winds of retaliation
Victory in chains
Divine as it seems – signify your glory
Liar… Traitor… Sinner…

[Lead: Joe]

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