Shadowland Lyrics by Grave Digger

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Cover of the album Liberty Or Death

Artist: Grave Digger
Album: Liberty Or Death
Manufacturer: Locomotive Spain
Original Release: 2007-01-01

White man
On the hunt
Hunting the black
Across the land
Klans of violence
And infiltration
Out on the road
For false salvation

In the shadowland we’ll try to survive
In the shadowland there’s no place to hide

Millions followed them
For murder and rape
White heads
And a mind of black
Deceiver destroyer
For false illusion
Spreading the disease
Wherever they are

In the shadowland we stand up and fight
In the shadowland there’s only one right

The shadow of our sorrow
That swells with silence in our tortured souls
Feel the lie of the government
That lives lika a needle in our tortured hearts

In the shadowland
In the shadowland
In the shadowland
In the shadowland

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