The Keeper Lyrics by Brandos (The)

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Cover of the album Gunfire At Midnight

Artist: Brandos (The)
Album: Gunfire At Midnight
Manufacturer: Spv Germany
Original Release: 2009-01-01

I am the Keeper
Of the old ways
And I remember
The younger days
I look to the east for
The risin’ sun
And bow to the west
When the day is done


I keep the love
And I keep the hate
I keep the dignity and faith
I keep all the reasons why
So many millions
Have had to die
I keep the dreams
And I keep the fears
I keep it all
I keep the tears

I remember
The blackest nights
The fiery torches
Our guiding lights
We drove them screaming
Till all were gone
Then danced our victory
Until the dawn

Time will pass
Times will change
Some things must always
Be the same
Though some have tried
To turn away
They will again
Return one day

The day will come
When I’ll be cast in stone
And placed to guard
The ancient throne
That lies within
The musty hall
Where live our ways
And memories all

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