Vaginal Bloodfarts Lyrics by Cumchrist

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Cover of the album Cumplete

Artist: Cumchrist
Album: Cumplete
Manufacturer: Unmatched Brutality

Gruesome morbid tale – pussy, red and pale
Dripping blood down your leg
Someone says she’s got a mother-fucking clot
Blistering, festering, ever-growing red spot
Eyes are shut, legs are spread
Roll her over so I just might get a chance
Here a queef, can’t believe
Menstrual flowings through your pants
Pick scabs, shave hair, hold nose
And dive right into the stuff
Cut it, stitch it, fuck it, cut it
Blood and rough
Something must be dead
Zoo-like odors abound
Making Mommie’s couch brown
Orifice I must kiss
Shit-stained box I must fuck
Drooping lips and my piss
Left a stain I cannot clean

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