Your Presence Lyrics by By The Tree

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Cover of the album These Days

Artist: By The Tree
Album: These Days
Manufacturer: Fervent / Spirit-Led

It’s funny how You’ll say my name
Like a thought in motion love is not a game that can be played
It’s crazy how you read my mind
Like a twisted thought of reasoning, Your words are so divine

I want to be in Your prescence
I want to be where You are
Come give me grace for this moment
I want to be found where you are

Looking for this promised land
My attempts they seem to fail
I’m sinking in this desert land
I feel like Moses wandering around
Except that not like Him,
I can not seem to find myself a cloud


Come and start a fire and let me be your flame
I need to know that you are with me
I want to hear you call my name

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