You’re Below Everything Lyrics by Absurdus

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Cover of the album No Heaven In Sight

Artist: Absurdus
Album: No Heaven In Sight
Manufacturer: Candlelight

There is a magick that even a time can’t corrupt
Pure hate for mankind, my misanthropic lust
Cut me once and all of you shall bleed
I will bring you down, down to your knees

Can’t you see…or don’t believe?
My actions don’t give a place for disagree
But soon you’ll see…my harmony
Your death is only a foreplay for my majesty

Innerglow, superiority, I’ll open the gates of the cemetery
Feverish mind, greater than thine
My fury’s greater than your world of lies

Stronger than thine

Dreamlore so unreal, soon to crumble down
Scravengers will feast like they’ve never done before
My flames shall rise and you can kiss your life goodbye
The stronger you resist more stronger I’ll respond



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